VCU Cabell First Novelist Award

Submit a First Novel

The First Novelist Committee is eager to discover another rising star. Please have your editor or publicist send us your work, or feel free to send it yourself!


Books published January–June 2015: September 14, 2015
Books published July–December 2015: January 14, 2016

The Winner will be announced in June 2016.

How to Submit

Send three copies for review, with complete contact information, to:

VCU Cabell First Novelist Award
Department of English

900 Park Ave.
Hibbs Hall, Room 306
P.O. Box 842005

Richmond, VA 23284-2005

Rules for Submission

  • The submission must be the author's first novel, published in calendar year 2015.
  • The U.S.A. must be the country of first publication.
  • The author may have published or produced previous work in a different form, such as poems or short stories, but the submission must be his or her first novel.
  • No self-published novels can be considered.
  • Books available in e-format only are not eligible.
  • While books with crossover audience appeal may be considered, we reserve the right to eliminate those with a primary audience of young (YA or middle-grade) readers.
  • The author must agree to attend the award event, usually scheduled in November.

For updates and special features, please visit our blog and our Facebook page. Read about the award for a more detailed history.